American Accent Training - Ann Cook

American Accent Training

By Ann Cook

  • Release Date: 2015-12-12
  • Genre: テキストブック


This new and expanded third edition of American Accent Training with on-touch audio and built-in tests has four all-new chapters that cover the psychology of accent acquisition, American voice quality, a pronunciation overview, and an ESL instructor's guide. The audio features professional male and female voices that have been carefully selected to represent that perfect American accent. With 30 years of extensive research, the unique AAT methodology has been refined to teach the American sound quickly and easily, paying special attention to: 

• Voice quality, with emphasis on accurate presentation of the authentic American sound
• Pronunciation, with attention to all vowels, consonants, blends, and diphthongs
• Intonation, which focuses on syllable stress rules and word stress in a sentence
• Linking, or liaisons between phonetically transcribed sounds so students can "see" the sound 

American Accent Training also offers detailed nationality guides for ten languages and accent variations: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean, Arabic, and the US Southern accent. Added features include access to comprehensive websites, and referral to a qualified telephone analyst for individual help (800) 457-4255. American Accent Training has been Americanizing the speaking habits of students and business people since 1991. Going where no accent book has gone before, AAT continues to set the standard for anyone learning or teaching the American accent.