Micanopy In Shadow - Ann Cook

Micanopy In Shadow

By Ann Cook

  • Release Date: 2008-04-25
  • Genre: 小説/文学


A small town hears a young mother's cries for help, but turns away. In time, she is all but forgotten, but not by the young daughter she has left behind nor by the child's mysterious benefactor. More than 80 years later, Hope Losterman wants answers about her mother's terrible fate. She enlists her granddaughter and amateur sleuth Brandy O'Bannon. Do the dead have tales to tell? A psychic offers an eerie warning, but Brandy risks all to pursue the truth. As she peels back layers of deceit, she learns that much in Micanopy is not what it seems. What she finds will change everything for Brandy, her grandmother, and a picturesque town that guards an ugly secret.