Essential Music Theory - Simon Horsey

Essential Music Theory

By Simon Horsey

  • Release Date: 2014-09-17
  • Genre: テキストブック


Learning to read music is easier than you think and with clear explanations of concepts and interactive reviews to support your learning, Essential Music Theory helps you every step of the way.

Are you or your child frustrated with learning to read music?

Fed up of not being able to complete those theory questions?

Does music seem too complicated?

Well you’re in luck!

There’s finally a book available that provides instruction using a variety of learning methods to ensure all learners are able to understand the basics of music theory. Essential Music Theory is the premier learning tool for anyone who wants to excel in music.

Volume 1 takes you through the elements of music, how to read music in both G (treble) and F (bass) clefs, teaches you the US and UK note names and values, basic intervals, how to write major and minor scales, basic composition technique using rhythm, time signatures and performance directions. It contains everything you need to help you pass your ABRSM Grade 1 and 2 theory exams.

Instead of learning facts by rote each concept is clearly explained with musical examples and helpful hints for remembering and applying what you have learned. The book is written in a light, easy to read style and is suitable for class or individual study. There are overview Mindmaps at the start of each chapter and clear learning intentions for each section, as well as many end of unit quizzes built right into the book itself. Yes, you or your students can take a review quiz and have the answers checked with no internet connect needed!

Whether you regret not learning to read music earlier, or you are just starting out in music, a good knowledge of the theory and ideas behind how music is written will improve your playing, no matter what your style. It will also improve your sight reading, improvisation and composition! Essential Music Theory is written by a music teacher with over 20 years experience of teaching both children and adults.


“I would definitely recommend this book to other parents in a heartbeat.” - Victoria

Thanks to this book, I now have a solid understanding of music theory. It is easy enough for me to understand, and I also like that it didn’t assume I knew everything about music already, like some other books did.” - Ron Fredrick

I’ve played by ear all my life but with Essential Music Theory I have learned to read music and so much more about how it is constructed. I’ve even done a few of my own compositions. Thank you!” - Jack

- Mind Maps and overviews of each chapter so your mind is trained on what you are going to learn
- Lots of review quizzes you can take within the book, no internet connection needed
- Videos to provide demonstrations and explanations for more complex concepts
- Audio files that relate the theory to the music, solidifying the understanding in the best way. Hear the differences instead of just learning about them
- Easy to read style to enable musicians of all ages to enjoy and understand everything
- Clear explanations of even difficult concepts
- Suitable for individuals or group study
- Attractive layout promotes learning and retention
- Each chapter builds on concepts covered in previous chapters
- Everything you need to cover the ABRSM Grade 1 AND 2 syllabus, all in one book

It's never too early or too late to learn to read, enjoy and appreciate music, so buy Essential Music Theory Book 1 today and banish your frustrations with music theory forever!